Sentence Examples

  • Whether or not he'll wear a tie and if it'll be a clip-on or a real choker, dapper blues or fun pastels, and if you'll let him get away with a pair of sneakers will all need to be taken into consideration well before the event.
  • "Beer Maiden" has a velveteen mini-dress with an attached lace-up floral trim vest designed to look like a corset top, an eyelet blouse with ruffled neck and sleeves, plether belt suspenders and a matching choker.
  • In deep red and black, this includes a satin and lace abbreviated corset top with an attached cape skirt with lacy sleeves, black mini-skirt, jeweled choker, jeweled cross headband and wide mesh fishnets.
  • Destiny wanted to wear some jewelry too, so she let her wear the white pearl choker necklace that her mother had given her.
  • Inside sparkled a diamond choker with an unusually worn, plain charm of a half-sun, half-moon pierced by an arrow.

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