Sentence Examples

  • CHLOROFORM (trichlor-methane), CHC1 3, a valuable anaesthetic, a colourless liquid, possessing an agreeable smell and a pleasant taste.
  • In the preparation of chloroform by the action of bleaching powder on ethyl alcohol it is probable that the alcohol is ..rst oxidized to acetaldehyde, which is subsequently chlorinated and then decomposed.
  • Chloroform solidifies in the cold and then melts at - 62° C.; it boils at 61.2° C., and has a specific gravity I.
  • It has been used by some surgeons for the production of anaesthesia previous to the administration of ether or chloroform, but the use of the method is now more usually relegated to obstetric practice.
  • In chloroform solution it combines with anhydrous oxalic acid to form a compound, Sb2C18(C204), which is to be considered as COOSbC14 tetra-chlorstibonium oxalate I (R.