Sentence Examples

  • Chloe Tells Clark She Knows His Secret - For five years, Chloe Sullivan investigated the weird and the meteor-infected, she learned his secret during the fourth season, but kept it to herself, hoping Clark would eventually trust her.
  • Episode number five will introducing two additional superheros: Twyla and Tanner (or Zan and Jayna) who attempt to locate Red-Blue Blur and elicit the help of Chloe, who shows them the Watchtower.
  • Labels such as Biscotti, Baby CZ, D&G and Chloe manufacture adorable, high quality designs, none of which are particularly over-the-top when it comes to fashion, but include just enough pink and ruffles to make an adorable ensemble.
  • Aspiring British model Chloe Marshall was pictured in her bikini for the Miss England competition and many people commented that, although she is pretty, she is too large to be considered healthy.
  • Richardson's husband, Liam Neeson, (most recently known for starring opposite Harrison Ford in Star Wars) was filming his next movie Chloe in Toronto when he heard the news.