Sentence Examples

  • Bellerophon,mounted on Pegasus(q.v.),kept up in the air out of the way of the Chimaera, but yet near enough to kill it with his spear, or, as he is at other times represented,with his sword or with a bow.
  • In the flank of this mountain, near a place called Deliktash, was the celebrated fiery source called the Chimaera, which gave rise to many fables.
  • At Khimara (anc. Chimaera) the remains of an old Greek city may still be seen; at Santi Quaranta (anc. Onchesmos) the walls and towers of a later town are in good preservation.
  • On the tenth, being asked the object of his visit, he handed the letter to the king, whose first plan for complying with it was to send him to slay the Chimaera, a monster which was devastating the country.
  • Bellerophon has been explained as a hero of the storm, of which his conflict with the Chimaera is symbolical.