Sentence Examples

  • The office of chieftain is sometimes held by women.
  • In 1667 the robber chieftain, Stenka Razin, made an unsuccessful attempt to capture the city.
  • In 1839, when the British army advanced through the Bolan Pass towards Afghanistan, the conduct of Mehrab Khan, the ruler of Baluchistan, was considered so treacherous and dangerous as to require " the exaction of retribution from that chieftain," and " the execution of such arrangements as would establish future security in that quarter."
  • The building in which this fire was kept was the Prytaneum, and the chieftain (the king or prytanis)probably made it his residence.
  • Heissen, to give orders: the hazel-wand was the sceptre of authority of the shepherd chieftain (roc u j e Xaiuv) of olden times, see Grimm, Gesch.