Sentence Examples

  • You can also find them online at shops like Candle Chem and Candlewic.
  • Your chem tests came back all over the place.
  • Chem-., 1905, 47, p. 1 45), who, by estimating the ratios of strontium bromide and chloride to silver, obtained the values 87.663 and 87.661.
  • The monoxide, K 2 0, may be obtained by strongly heating the product or burning the metal in slightly moist air; by heating the hydroxide with the metal: 2KHO+2K= 2K 2 0+H 2; or by passing pure and almost dry air over the molten metal (Kiihnemann, Chem.
  • PYRAZINES, PIAZINES, or Paradiazines, In organic chem istry, a group of compounds containing a ring system composed of 4 carbon, atoms and 2 nitrogen atoms, the nitrogen atoms being in the para position.