Sentence Examples

  • Port Chalmers, however (9 m.
  • Chalmers 1° put it, would have yielded, by the same process of natural law as ours, quite a different universe from ours.
  • So in Scotland, Thomas Erskine and Thomas Chalmers - the latter in contradiction to his earlier position - hold that the doctrine of salvation, when translated into experience, furnishes " internal evidence " - a somewhat broader use of the phrase than when it applies merely to evidence of date or authorship drawn from the contents of a book.
  • Gadow and P. Chalmers Mitchell, have shown that useful systematic information can be obtained from the study of the alimentary canal.
  • Was conferred on Guthrie by the university of Edinburgh; and in 1850 William Hanna (1808-1882), the biographer and son-in-law of Thomas Chalmers, was inducted as his colleague in Free St John's Church.