Sentence Examples

  • We know little or nothing at present of the upland plants, or of those of dry or chalky soils.
  • Therein two eggs, with white, chalky shells, are commonly laid.
  • The trees seemed to have flourished on neighbouring chalky heights.
  • From a careful series of experiments made in the Horticultural Society's Garden at Chiswick, it was found that where the soil is loamy, or light and slightly enriched with decayed vegetable matter, the apple succeeds best on the doucin stock, and the pear on the quince; and where it is chalky it is preferable to graft the apple on the crab, and the pear on the wild pear.
  • For the plum on loamy soils the plum, and on chalky and light soils the almond, are the most desirable stocks, and for the cherry on loamy or light rich soils the wild cherry, and on chalk the " mahaleb " stock.