Sentence Examples

  • The copper is mostly a copper glance passing into chalcopyrite; it is found in fissure veins with granite.
  • From copper-pyrites (chalcopyrite) iron-pyrites is distinguished by its superior hardness and by its paler colour.
  • The presence of copper, nickel and arsenic is possibly due in many cases to traces of kindred minerals, like chalcopyrite, pentlandite and mispickel.
  • Blende occurs in metalliferous veins, often in association with galena, also with chalcopyrite, barytes, fluorspar, &c. In oredeposits containing both lead and zinc, such as those filling cavities in the limestones of the north of England and of Missouri, the galena is usually found in the upper part of the deposit, the blende not being reached until the deeper parts are worked.
  • COPPER-PYRITES, or Chalcopyrite, a copper iron sulphide (CuFeS2), an important ore of copper.