Sentence Examples

  • The ranges overlooking the Mediterranean from Ceuta to Cape Bon; (2) the inner and more elevated ranges, which, starting from the Atlantic at Cape Ghir in Sias, run south of the coast ranges and are separated from them by high plateaus.
  • From Ceuta, above which towers Jebel Musa - about 2800 ft.
  • In 1844, when war between Spain and Morocco was threatened by reason of the frequent raids by the inhabitants of the Rif on the Spanish settlement of Ceuta, Spain declined arbitration on the ground that her rights were too clear for argument.
  • In 1415 Ceuta was taken from the Moors by his sons who had been born to him by his wife Philippa, daughter of John, duke of Lancaster; specially distinguished in the siege was Prince Henry afterwards generally known as "the Navigator."
  • Body was identified before burial at Al Kasr, reinterred at Ceuta, and thence (1582) removed by Philip II.