Sentence Examples

  • 1, Lucanus cervus) and the great water-beetle (Hydrophilus piceus, fig.
  • The reindeer, rapidly disappearing, is now met with only in the governments of Olonets and Vologda; Cervus pygargus is found everywhere, and reaches Novgorod.
  • Genera: Camelus, Moschus, Cervus, Capra, Ovis, Bos.
  • There are also 2 species of deer, Cervus rufus and C. simplicornis.
  • There are deer, called taruco (Cervus antisensis); the viscacha, a large rodent; a species of fox called atoc; and the puma (Felts concolor) and ucumari or black bear with a white muzzle, when driven by hunger, wander into the loftier regions.