Sentence Examples

  • Whether they're scary movies, or comedies makes no difference; many people think the writers, producers, and directors of TV movies are scraping the absolute bottom of the celluloid barrel.
  • There are also iron-foundries, potteries, and sugar, tobacco and celluloid factories.
  • The actual magnetizing force H is of course less than that due to the coil; the corrections required are effected automatically by the use of a set of demagnetization lines drawn on a sheet of celluloid which is supplied with the instrument.
  • Amber has often been imitated by other resins like copal and kauri, as well as by celluloid and even glass.
  • The industries are equal in importance to the transit trade, and embrace metalworking, ironfounding and machine building, the manufacture of electric plant, celluloid, automobiles, furniture, cables and chemicals, sugar refining, cigar and tobacco making, and brewing.