Sentence Examples

  • The Final Five Cylons did not know they were Cylons thanks to Cavil blocking their memories and implanting them among the humans.
  • According to Ellen Tigh, the Daniel models (also known as 7s) had their clones sabotaged by Cavil.
  • Certain it is that there is much in his utterances for a less robust democracy than his own to cavil at.'
  • The existence of acids not containing oxygen was, in itself, sufficient to overthrow this idea, but, although Berthollet had shown, in 1789, that sulphuretted hydrogen (or hydrosulphuric acid) contained no oxygen, Lavoisier's theory held its own until the researches of Davy, Gay-Lussac and Thenard on hydrochloric acid and chlorine, and of Gay-Lussac on hydrocyanic acid, established beyond all cavil that oxygen was not essential to acidic properties.
  • Struthious birds, was placed beyond cavil, and the author called upon all interested in zoology to aid in further research as to this singular form.