Sentence Examples

  • So again in determining the " import " of propositions, it is no accident that in all save existential propositions it is to the familiar rubrics of associationism - co-existence, sequence, causation and resemblance - that he refers for classification, while his general formula as to the conjunctions of connotations is associationist through and through.
  • Wax may or may not be melted, the determination between them is not always a decision of will, but in physical causation depends on the efficient cause, e.g.
  • It should be noted that this theory of Causation entirely denies the doctrine of Uniformity in Nature, so far as the human mind is concerned.
  • The series into which we can arrange the results of observing phenomena of complex causation, whether exhibited by living organisms or not, have certain properties in common, which are dealt with by the theory of chance.
  • Mill's device rested special inductions of causation upon the laws that every event has a cause, and every cause has always the same effect.