Sentence Examples

  • In the fading beam, the local mayor, Cathy Jamieson, responded with the usual platitudes.
  • Many new homeschoolers turn to Cathy Duffy because she gives honest, unbiased opinions on a variety of curriculum and has a reputation of shining the proverbial light on the best curriculums available.
  • The certification program at Spirit Tree Yoga in Wakefield, Rhode Island, is currently taught by Cathy Cesario over the course of several weekends and intensives throughout an eight-month period.
  • In between these requirements, students have extensive reading to do, and will also spend time in an apprentice program with Cathy, observing her classes and assisting in teaching them.
  • Although the Cathy Jean business is held together by a strong consumer-concerned philosophy, what has launched their products into the limelight is a focus on quality materials.