Sentence Examples

  • Cardiac catheterization-A procedure to passes a catheter through a large vein into the heart and its vessels for the purpose of diagnosing coronary artery disease, assessing injury or disease of the aorta, or evaluating cardiac function.
  • Once VUR has been diagnosed, its progress may be followed with a nuclear scintigram, in which a radioactive substance is put into the bladder via catheter, and a gamma camera takes images that reveal the presence and degree of VUR.
  • In this latest stunt, he not only hung upside down for two and a half days, but he didn't eat or sleep and urinated via catheter (you know you were wondering) although he did have to stand upright a few times to go potty.
  • A procedure called a cardiac catheterization can then be performed during which a small thin tube (catheter) with a balloon tip, may be used to enlarge the opening between the two atria until surgery can be performed.
  • The force of the contractions can be measured with an intrauterine pressure catheter (IUPC), which is a catheter that can be placed through the cervix into the uterus to measure uterine pressure during labor.