Sentence Examples

  • PORTLAND, the largest city of Maine, U.S.A., the countyseat of Cumberland (disambiguation)|Cumberland county, and a port of entry, on Casco Bay, about 115 m.
  • Munjoy Hill commands a fine view of Casco Bay, which is overlooked by other wooded heights.
  • The Indian name of the peninsula was Machegonne, and the new settlement was during the next few years known by various names, such as Casco, Casco Neck, Cleeve's Neck, and Munjoy's Neck.
  • In April 1888 he was at the coast of New Jersey for some weeks, and in June started for San Francisco, where he had ordered a schooner, the "Casco," to be ready to receive him.
  • But turned into a voluntary exile prolonged until the hour of his death": he never again left the waters of the Pacific. The "Casco" proceeded first to the Marquesas, and south and east to Tahiti, passing before Christmas northwards to Honolulu, where Stevenson spent six months and finished The Master of Ballantrae and The Wrong Box.