Sentence Examples

  • Cartouche: The Cartouche was the first Gruen wristwatch with specially-built movements that entirely fit the case.
  • (4) doms of Upper and Lower Egypt, to be read stni, " butcher(?)" and byti, " beekeeper(?)" The personal name of the king followed (4), and was enclosed in a cartouche OI apparently symbolizing the circuit of the sun which alone bounded the king's rule.
  • They include colossal figures of Aesculapius and Bacchus, and the lower half of a seated Egyptian divinity in black basalt, bearing the cartouche of Tethmosis (Thothmes) I.
  • CARTOUCHE (a French word adapted from the Ital.
  • 3 in the Central Court, and a cartouche of the "Shepherd King," Khyan, was also found at Cnossus.

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