Sentence Examples

  • Dazzle Junction: Although it doesn't contain full layouts, this site does offer seven pages of backgrounds that feature images of Jesus, Christmas items, angel wings, praying cartoons, crosses and religious phrases.
  • The Japanese anime style of animation was far less costly, comprised of many still images and animation that ran at twelve frames per second rather than the traditional thirty or more used in American cartoons.
  • Some of the icons of other children television shows, cartoons and movies are gender-specific, like the Disney Princesses, while others, like the Sesame Street characters, are coveted by both girls and boys.
  • The clocks can be personalized by adding your own text or graphics, changing color schemes, adding cartoons and any number of other cute features that will really make your clock stand out from the crowd.
  • These areas generally include gentler rides and are themed with famous cartoons and their characters, such as Loony Tunes characters with the Six Flags theme parks and Disney characters with Disney World.