Sentence Examples

  • After many years of labor in layering and planting, the attempt to grow named varieties in the usual way was abandoned, and the plan was adopted of raising seedlings, the Carnation being thus treated practically as a biennial.
  • Both the Carnation and the Pink, from the beauty and sweetness of their bloom and the cheerful effect of their foliage in winter, are well deserving of cultivation in all gardens where soil and climate suit these flowers.
  • Our mild and moist southern winters are really less favourable to the cultivation of the Carnation than the more rigorous winter of the north, where a covering of snow secures for the flower a complete period of rest.
  • Unquestionably more vigorous plants and more abundant and continuous bloom are obtained by raising the Carnation from seed, though the average quality of bloom may not equal that of selected and named varieties.
  • Carnation infant formula has a long history going all the way back to 1867 when Henri Nestle first introduced a nutritious product for infants whose mothers were not able to breastfeed.