Sentence Examples

  • Edward Cardwell, Viscount Cardwell >>
  • Several editions of the Bishops' Bible were afterwards published, but it is doubtful whether the ecclesiastical authorities in spite of repeated enactments (Cardwell, Synodalia, pp. 115, 123, 210, 292) ever succeeded in entirely enforcing its public use in the churches.
  • Cardwell in his edition of the Nicomachean Ethics (1828) had the wisdom to found his text on the Laurentian Manuscript (Kb); E.
  • Mr Forster and Mr Cardwell, as private members in opposition, brought in Education Bills in 1867 and 1868; and in 1868, when the Liberal party returned to office, Mr Forster was appointed vice-president of the council, with the duty of preparing a government measure for national education.
  • EDWARD CARDWELL CARDWELL, VISCOUNT (1813-1886), English statesman, was the son of a merchant of Liverpool, where he was born on the 24th of July 1813.