Sentence Examples

  • Travel rewards - Credit cards with travel rewards are designed for the cardholder who wants to earn points based on the amount of their credit card purchases and then redeem those points for hotel stays, airline miles and card rentals.
  • Credit card debt can pile up quickly, and even if the student cardholder has the noble intentions of paying off the balance each month the actual amount of the debt can come as a shock when the monthly credit card statement arrives.
  • Most financial institutions offering prepaid credit cards offer the cards on-site and online, but if the cards are embossed with the cardholder's name then there is typically a wait before the cardholder actually receives the card.
  • Interest Rates: Many of these cards have higher interest rates than other reward cards, and if the cardholder routinely carries a month-to-month balance on the card any cash back rewards will be quickly lost to finance charges.
  • In some cases, using a credit card number that is created by a generator download - and which already belongs to a valid cardholder- can be a felony depending on the amount charged and the location in which the theft occurs.