Sentence Examples

  • To the south of Terranova there is no harbour of any importance on the east coast (the Gulf of Orosei being exposed to the E., and shut in by a precipitous coast) until Tortoli is reached, and beyond that to the Capo Carbonara at the south-east extremity, and again along the south coast, there is no harbour before Cagliari, the most important on the island.
  • It may be compared in some degree to such European societies as the Carbonara, Young Italy, the Tugendbund, the Confreries of France, the Freemasons in Catholic countries, and the Vehmgericht.
  • The menu features fettuccine con pollo al Jerez, linguine carbonara con pancetta, vitello alla Marsala provimi and pollo alla gorgonzola con pistachio e albicocca.
  • The menu features shrimp parmigiana, New York strip steak, baked ziti and chicken carbonara.

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