Sentence Examples

  • After the union of the Lombards to the Frankish kingdom, the capitularies made for the entire kingdom were applicable to Italy.
  • There were also special capitularies for Italy, called Cepitula Italica, some of which were appended to the edict of Rothar.
  • In the Toth century a collection was made of the capitularies in use in Italy, and this was known as the Capitulare Langobardorum.
  • And less than two centuries afterwards we read an order in one of the capitularies of Hincmar of Reims, to the effect that every priest ought to be provided with a censer and incense.
  • His prose works include sermons, treatises on vices and on baptism, a penitential, capitularies and exhortations to bishops, priests and judges.

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