Sentence Examples

  • The older portion, the capella in palatio, an octagonal building surmounted by a dome, was designed on the model of San Vitale at Ravenna by Udo of Metz, was begun under Charlemagne's auspices in 796 and consecrated by Pope Leo III.
  • Its form is peculiar, and is an imitation of a similar work by Marcianus Capella, De Nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii.
  • There is only one railway in the state, which runs from Aracaju northward to Capella, with a branch running westward to Simao Dias.
  • Of the capital; Capella (11,034); Simao Dias (10, 9 84); Lagarto (10,473); Sao Christovao, formerly Sergipe d'el-Rey (8793), the old capital, near the mouth of the Irapiranga, and Maroim (7851).
  • To this list must be added: (I) the Satyricon of Martianus Capella, the greater part of which is a treatise on the seven liberal arts, the fourth book dealing with logic; (2) the De artibus ac disciplinis liberalium literarum of Cassiodorus; (3) the Origines of Isidore of Seville (ob.