Sentence Examples

  • As it stands it is of the highest interest, showing remarkable Decorated work, with windows of beautiful and unusual design, and a magnificent series of canopied tombs.
  • Margherita, founded in 1197, has fine canopied Gothic tombs of the Falcone family.
  • Within are an ancient font, a canopied piscina, and a fine timber roof over the nave and aisles.
  • The roof is supported by fifty-two pillars with canopied niches for statues instead of capitals; the great windows of the choir, reputed to be the largest in the world, are filled with stained glass of 1844.
  • The Elizabethan manor-house of Southall remains, and the parish church of Norwood, though greatly restored, has Early English and Decorated portions, a canopied tomb dated 1547 and brasses of the 17th century.

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