Sentence Examples

  • Charteris, Canonicity (1880) and the New Testament in the Apostolic Fathers (Oxford, 1905).
  • As to the canonicity and apostolic authorship of the Johannine Apocalypse no doubts were ever entertained in the West; indeed an Apocalypse of Peter was still retained in the canon in the 3rd century.
  • Thus though it insisted on the exclusive canonicity of the 24 books, it claimed the possession of are oral law handed down from ivloses, and just as the apocryphal books overshadowed in certain instances the canonical scriptures, so often the oral law displaced the written in the regard of Judaism.
  • External Evidence and Canonicity, and Century.-It is possible that the Apocalypse was known to Ignatius, Eph.
  • His book has attained a quasi-canonicity in Islam, being treated almost like the Koran, and to his grave solemn pilgrimages are made, and prayers are believed to be heard there.