Sentence Examples

  • MEM aypor), in Greek legend, the son of Oeneus, king of Calydon, and Althaea.
  • He wrestles with Achelous for Deianeira (" destructive to husband "), daughter of Oeneus, king of Calydon, vanquishes the river god, and breaks off one of his horns, which as a horn of plenty is found as an attribute of Hercules in art.
  • Driven from Calydon for homicide, he goes with Deianeira to Trachis.
  • ALTHAEA, in classical legend, daughter of Thestius, king of Aetolia, wife of Oeneus, king of Calydon, and mother of Meleager.
  • In early legend Old Aetolia, with its cities of Pleuron and Calydon, figures prominently.