Sentence Examples

  • Alcohol intake should be modest or go away entirely, not only because the high caloric content (alcohol is almost as energy dense as pure fat) but also because it can potentially mess up your ability to burn body fat effectively.
  • One can enhance the effectiveness of this diet's basic guidelines by not adding additional salt to foods, cooking with healthy oils such as olive oil, and exercising portion control to reduce caloric intake for weight management.
  • Whether these foods indeed cause a fat-burning, enzymatic reaction in the body to shed pounds or simply are low calorie foods that help regulate total caloric intake, there is no question of the benefits gained by eating them.
  • In other words, your body burns more calories, which means you can maintain your weight at a higher caloric level or lose weight while eating more than you could if you didn't have a higher level of muscular mass/density.
  • Since one gram of fat contains 9 calories, while one gram of protein or carbohydrate contain 4 calories, it makes perfect sense to cut back on the number of fat grams constituting a meal in order to cut back on total caloric intake.