Sentence Examples

  • Different styles available in this line include the Wings Automatic, the Crosswind, Crosswind Racing, Crosswind Special, Headwind, Callisto, Callistino, Blackbird, and the B-Class.
  • The Greeks identified this constellation with the nymph Callisto, placed in the heavens by Zeus in the form of a bear together with her son Arcas as " bear-warder," or Arcturus; they named it Arctos, the she-bear, Helice, from its turning round the pole-star.
  • PAN (" pasturer"), in Greek mythology, son of Hermes and one of the daughters of Dryops ("oak-man"), or of Zeus and the nymph Callisto, god of shepherds, flocks and forests.
  • Zeus, to conceal the amour, changed Callisto into a she-bear; Hera, however, discovered it, and persuaded Artemis to slay Callisto, who was placed amongst the stars as iiptcros (" the bear").
  • There is no doubt that Callisto is identical with Artemis; her name is an obvious variation of KaXMiaTrt, a frequent epithet of the goddess, to whom a temple was erected on the hill where Callisto was supposed to be buried.