Sentence Examples

  • After you race 10 multiplayer races, you'll unlock the cars 00-Agent-Car (using only one cartridge), Red Shirt Rage, Pooka (see above), Caddy Car, Galaga '88, Shy Guy, and Mario Racing.
  • While Caddy thinks it's a game to help her outcast friend get her revenge against them, she suddenly finds herself their leader--even in a pursuit of the former leader's boyfriend!
  • Remember that you might be on the course for several hours, and if it is raining the entire time, you have to be properly equipped (no fair counting on an umbrella-toting caddy).
  • They can join in on one style of favor for each guest, perhaps something that shows the dual nature of the wedding, like a dual picture frame or a two-bottle wine caddy.
  • The Rainbow vacuum system also includes an upholstery tool, a floor and wall brush, a dusting brush, a crevice tool and an attachment caddy.