Sentence Examples

  • Buller, Drs Hector and Von Haast, F.
  • By rail south of Ladysmith, was the headquarters of Sir Ndvers Buller at the battle of Colenso on the 15th of December 1899.
  • Eventually Sir Archibald Hunter, then chief of staff to Sir Redvers Buller, was consulted, and stated that in his opinion, Glencoe being already occupied, " it was a case of balancing drawbacks, and advised that, under the circumstances, the troops be retained at Glencoe."
  • General Sir Redvers Buller, who had been appointed to the supreme command in South Africa as soon as it was perceived that war was imminent - his force being one army Lord Methuen, Sir W.
  • Thus Sir Redvers Buller had no choice but to disintegrate the army corps.