Sentence Examples

  • Beechey's nomenclature, it may be added that he called a large bay on the south of Peel Island Fitton Bay, and a bay on the south-west of Buckland Island Walker Bay.
  • M., and includes the villages of Manchester, South Manchester, Buckland, Manchester Green and Highland Park.
  • The discovery of their true nature was made by Dr William Buckland, who observed that certain convoluted bodies occurring in the Lias of Gloucestershire had the form which would have been produced by their passage in the soft state through the intestines of reptiles or fishes.
  • The Liassic coprolites are described by Buckland as resembling oblong pebbles, or kidney-potatoes; they are mostly 2 to 4 in.
  • Henslow for coprolites; they were afterwards termed by Buckland "pseudo-coprolites."