Sentence Examples

  • Since 1900 there have been several mild outbreaks of bubonic plague.
  • One of the results of recent observation is the classification of plague cases under three heads, which have already been mentioned several times: (1) bubonic, (2) pneumonic, (3) septicaemic. (The word " pesti-caemic " is also used instead of " septi-caemic," and though etymologically objectionable, it is otherwise better, as " septicaemic " already has a specific and quite different meaning.) It should be understood that this classification is a clinical one, and that the second and third varieties are just as much plague as the first.
  • Bubonic plague, to be sure, is a disease.
  • Gabriel de Mussis describes it even in the East, before its arrival in Europe, as a bubonic disease.
  • In June 1858 intelligence was received in Constantinople of an outbreak of disease at the small town Benghazi, in the district of Barca, province of Tripoli, North Africa, which though at first misunderstood was clearly bubonic plague.