Sentence Examples

  • Screwdrivers, a simple mix of vodka or gin and orange juice; Cape Cods, gin or vodka mixed with cranberry juice; and Bloody Marys, the same liquors mixed with spiced tomato juice; are often served with breakfast or brunch.
  • While the Disney company doesn't offer beachside weddings in California, many brides opt to get married inside the park and have their reception, rehearsal dinner, or morning after brunch on the beach nearby.
  • A splash of Champagne adds flavor, sparkle, and sophistication to any meal and with a few Champagne cocktail recipes, you'll see that champagne is not just for brunch anymore.
  • Check their website for more information and schedules on the tours at Thornton Winery If you have more time and would like a little more substantial experience, you can eat brunch in the café on premise as well.
  • A brunch is a natural choice for a potluck, so it can also put less pressure on the host or hostess and free up the end of the day for guests to do other activities and enjoy the early spring weather.