Sentence Examples

  • Screwdrivers, a simple mix of vodka or gin and orange juice; Cape Cods, gin or vodka mixed with cranberry juice; and Bloody Marys, the same liquors mixed with spiced tomato juice; are often served with breakfast or brunch.
  • This can be combined with the directions/wedding details card, and is useful if you are hosting multiple events throughout the weekend, e.g. welcome cocktails, or a post-wedding brunch.
  • A brunch is a natural choice for a potluck, so it can also put less pressure on the host or hostess and free up the end of the day for guests to do other activities and enjoy the early spring weather.
  • A splash of Champagne adds flavor, sparkle, and sophistication to any meal and with a few Champagne cocktail recipes, you'll see that champagne is not just for brunch anymore.
  • Check their website for more information and schedules on the tours at Thornton Winery If you have more time and would like a little more substantial experience, you can eat brunch in the café on premise as well.