Sentence Examples

  • Chmel, Urkunden, Briefe and Aktenstiicke zur Geschichte Maximilians I.
  • Virchow (Berlin, 1903); and Briefe Virchows an seine Eltern 1839-1864, by Marie Rabl (Leipzig, 1907).
  • Schleiermacher's Vertraute Briefe fiber Lucinde, 1800 (1907).
  • He remembered his connexion with Florence when he wrote Romische Briefe von einem Florentiner (Leipzig, 1840-44), and his residence in Rome was also responsible for his Geschichte der Stadt Rom (3 vols., 1867-70)..
  • His Ganganelli: Papst Clemens XI V., seine Briefe and seine Zeit (Berlin, 1847) is valuable for the relations between this pope and the Jesuits.