Sentence Examples

  • Remember that being a wedding attendant is an expensive endeavor, and a bridesmaid alone can easily spend over $500 when you add up the cost of the dress, shoes, hairstyling, and bridal shower/bachelorette party costs.
  • You may not want to pull them out and wear them on a night out with your significant other, but you won't wind up finding your picture posted on a site that features the most hideous, embarrassing bridesmaid dresses of all time.
  • Take this into account when shopping for bridesmaid dresses, and make arrangements for light cover-ups (an organza wrap is a great choice) should the breeze begin to blow a bit too furiously for your bridesmaids' comfort.
  • In addition to offering larger try-on samples, these stores are developing collections of plus size bridesmaid dresses based to fit a full figured woman's curves instead of merely being larger versions of existing styles.
  • Keep in mind that the jewelry a bridesmaid wears should be in keeping with the style the bride wears -- no oversize eighties hoops in the bridesmaid's ears when the bride is wearing vintage pearl drops, for example.