Sentence Examples

  • At Ruby Hill near Bingara they were found in a breccia filling a volcanic pipe.
  • In this part of its course the rocky sides of the valley, which sometimes closely approach the river, are composed of marls and gypsum, with occasional selenite, overlaid with sandstone, with a topping of breccia or conglomerate, and rise at places to a height of 200 ft.
  • Breccia, Il Diritto dinastico nelle monarchie dei successors d'Alessandro Magno (1903).
  • Sandstones, quartzites, conglomerates and breccia make up the formation.
  • Its roof is a single flat stratum of limestone; its walls are well marked by lines of stratification; dripstone also partly covers the walls, fills a deep fissure at the end of the cave, and spreads over the floor, where it mingles with an ancient bed of ashes, forming an ash-breccia (mostly firm and solid) that encloses fragments of sandstone, flint spalls, flint implements, charcoal and bones.