Sentence Examples

  • The national dress is the " tobe," a simple cotton sheet of two breadths sewn together, about 15 ft.
  • The level towards the rise in breadths of about 6 yds.
  • The data are usually the breadths H and K and either (i) the edges of the minor briquettes, viz.
  • The book has an outer protective shell of acutely polemical and exclusive moods and insistences, whilst certain splendid Synoptic breadths and reconciliations are nowhere reached; but this is primarily because it is fighting, more consciously than they, for that inalienable ideal of all deepest religion, unity, even external and corporate, amongst all believers.
  • Gerin Lajoie'S Cry Of " Back To The Land " Was Successfully Adapted To Moderns Developments In Le Saguenay (1896) And L'Outaouais Su Perieur (1889) By Arthur Buies, Who Showed What Immense Inland Breadths Of Country Lay Open To Suitable " Jean Rivards " From The Older Settlements Along The St Lawrence.

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