Sentence Examples

  • Cesare's position was greatly shaken, and when he tried to browbeat the cardinals by means of Don Michelotto and his bravos, they refused to be intimidated; he had to leave Rome in September, trusting that the Spanish cardinals would elect a candidate friendly to his house.
  • Supreme as an organizer, he seems also to have had a singularly attractive personality, which won him the friendship even of the pirates and bravos with whom he was forced to consort.
  • Two bravos were hired (one of them named Olimpio, according to Bertolotti, was probably Beatrice's lover), and Francesco was assassinated while asleep in his castle of Petrella in the kingdom of Naples (1598).
  • Giacomo afterwards had one of the bravos murdered, but the other was arrested by the Neapolitan authorities and confessed everything.
  • After two clumsy attempts had been made to poison him at Perez's table, he was killed by bravos on the night of Easter Monday, the 31st of March 1578.

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