Sentence Examples

  • The shoulders should not look too boxy or sloped, and the sleeve length should come to rest about 5 inches above the tip of your thumb.When purchasing a new suit, make sure it fits not only your body but the rest of your wardrobe.
  • The boxy styles of Marc Jacobs granted the handbag industry a love for plentiful square pockets, whereas the signature monograms of Gucci and Louis Vuitton made consumers long for the sophistication of simple recognizable designs.
  • If you've fallen in love with the simple lines of the Revo Boxy and you want to give their technology a try, by all means check the sites above, search eBay, and do your best to find the sunglasses you want.
  • While shapeless, boxy coats and poorly cut sweaters were once the norm for plus size women, today the sweater coat - and plenty of other tops - offer consumers the kind of variety they have long craved.
  • Thus came the Ford Flex crossover, a boxy SUV look-alike that offered more family functionality and looked much like the old Ford Fairlane, a wagon named for the home where Henry Ford resided.