Sentence Examples

  • Des Iles ioniennes (Zante, 1815-1864); Mardo, Saggio di una descrizione geografico-storica delle Isole (Corfu, 1865) (mainly geographical); De Bosset, Description des monnaies d'Ithaque et de Cephalonie (London, 1815); Postolakas, KaTaXoyos aoxaLWv vo i uo - p.iLrow vT] K pkvpas, A€vKQSOS, &c. (Athens, 1868); Wiebel, Die Inset Kephalonia and die Meerm g ihlen von Argostoli (Hamburg, 1873); Tsitselis, FAWVQapiov KE4aXAnvias, (Athens, 1876); 'Ovo,ccara B VEWv Ev KE4aXA7v1a in the "Parnassus" i.
  • Till 1813 it was in the hands of Major de Bosset, a Swiss in the British service, who displayed an industry and energy in the repression of injustice and development of civilization only outdone by the despotic vigour of Sir Charles Napier, who held the same office for the nine years from 1818 to 1827.

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