Sentence Examples

  • You also will see more volunteer hours put in by the baby boomer generation or pre-teens/teenagers - those who have the time and are becoming aware of a new phase of life and wanting to impact those around them with what they've learned.
  • With the aging baby boomer generation and the obesity epidemic affecting people of all ages, medical fields will continue growing and expanding indefinitely in order to provide adequate treatment to patients.
  • Today, there are several different Trivial Pursuit editions aside from the original Genus: Baby Boomer, Young Players, All-Sports, Silver Screen, TV, 1980's, The Vintage Years, All-American, and Millennium.
  • While some are proud to be associated with the moniker "Baby Boomer," others are determined to carve out a separate identity, free from the generalizations of pop culture and marketing expectations.
  • Likewise, a cohort-2 Boomer coming of age in the late 60s-early 70s recalls soldiers returning from Vietnam, President Nixon's resignation, and even disco more distinctively than their predecessors.