Sentence Examples

  • The only level tract of any size in the state is the Bolson de Mapimi, a great depression on the western side which was long considered barren and uninhabitable.
  • The two noteworthy depressions in its surface, the Valley of Mexico and Bolson de Mapimi, once contained large bodies of water, of which only small lakes and marshy lagoons now remain.
  • Of the central portion of the Basin Region the bolson plains soon lose their distinctive character, the valleys become wider and broader and the mountains less lofty and more isolated.
  • The Chilean lateral range, which extends from the 29th to the 19th parallels, traverses an elevated desert region and possesses several noteworthy peaks, among which are Cerro Bolson, 16,017 ft., and Cerro Dona Ines, 16,706 ft.