Sentence Examples

  • She was the reigning queen of modern Bollywood choreography.
  • This may be simple for the Bollywood fan, but for the average Joe who is just looking for pictures of exotic and beautiful woman it may be difficult to search for "that one girl who was in the Hindi movie I watched late one night."
  • Whether you want something to feature a hot Italian sports car, an attractive actress from Hollywood, a great movie from Bollywood, or just a cute bunny in the grass, there's bound to be something out there just for you.
  • Just like fans of Hollywood actresses can search for images of their favorite babealicious starlets online, there are many websites dedicated to photos of the many Bollywood actresses who steam up the Bollywood screens.
  • Sites like India Station offer literally hundreds of photos of Bollywood babes - everyone from Aishwarya Rai to Urmilla - available for the viewing and downloading pleasure of Bollywood fans.

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