Sentence Examples

  • This is a very talented bunch playing mostly contemporary material with the odd traditional bluegrass tunes played in contemporary style.
  • Meanwhile, food lovers will get their fill on the trip from regional Cajun cuisine offered on some lunch and dinner cruises, while music fans can kick up their heels to traditional jazz and bluegrass songs played by live bands.
  • Not all passengers can participate in bluegrass events; rather, only about 200 of the 1400 passengers onboard will get the chance, which is why it's important you contact the Cottage Music.
  • The soundtrack, which features a collection of old American bluegrass and folk classics plus new tracks penned by some of bluegrass music's biggest stars, went to number one on the charts.
  • Once the group had achieved the essence of style, they called themselves the Original Bluegrass Band, further establishing bluegrass as more than a passing trend in the world of music.