Sentence Examples

  • He continued to play for over 10 minutes with a medley of Super Mario Bros. music, though he shed the blindfold after the first song.
  • Have each guest put on a blindfold (that should have everyone giggling!); one that's impossible to see through.
  • Make a blindfold out of a piece of cloth and ask the kids to try to put the roof in the correct spot on the house while their eyes are covered.
  • Blindfold each student, spin him in circles, and give him the opportunity to pin the mustache on the paper target.
  • These could include a bottle, pacifier, bottle brush, bulb syringe, thermometer, nail clippers, pacifier holder, booties, etc. Blindfold the mom-to-be, and watch her try to guess each of the items as she picks one up out of the bag.