Sentence Examples

  • The two remained that way, blanketed in the comforting stillness of the old house and one another's arms.
  • Edith Shipton's rental car, blanketed in six inches of fresh snow, remained out front.
  • Dean was in front of Bird Song, trying to mow the lawn, still blanketed with the moisture of the now-ended drizzle when he remembered his promise to pick up Pumpkin Green and whoever else needed chauffeuring from the pool.
  • The road paralleled the river to their right and far below, which was most often hidden by the pine trees that blanketed the slope.
  • Maclay's History of the Navy, a court of inquiry investigated Schley's conduct before and during the battle of Santiago; on the 13th of December 1901 the court pronounced Schley guilty of delay in locating Cervera's squadron, of carelessness in endangering the "Texas" by a peculiar "loop" movement or turn of the "Brooklyn" which blanketed the fire of other American vessels, and of disobedience to a departmental order of the 25th of May, but it recommended that no action be taken.