Sentence Examples

  • 9,692 Hohsand Pass (Binn to Tosa Falls), snow.
  • 9,082 Ritter Pass (Binn to Veglia Alp), snow.
  • 8,170 Geisspfad Pass (Binn to Devero), foot path..
  • 7,953 Albrun Pass (Binn to Devero and Baceno), bridle path 7,907 Greina Pass (Olivone to the Somvix Glen), bridle path � 7,743 San Giacomo Pass (Airolo to Tosa Falls), bridle path 7,573 Passo di Buffalora(Val Mesocco to the Val Calanca),foot path 7,431 Passo dell' Uomo (Airolo to the Lukmanier Pass),bridle path 7,258 Splugen Pass (Thusis to Chiavenna), carriage road.
  • The Campsie, Kilpatrick and Dumbarton hills, the high ground from Greenock to Ardrossan, and the Carleton Hills in East Lothian are examples of the plateaus, while Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh and the Binn of Burntisland illustrate the puys.