Sentence Examples

  • The definition of the Council of Trent was intended both to enforce the accepted Catholic position and to exclude the teaching of Luther, who, whilst not professing to be certain whether the "substance" of the Bread and Wine could or could not be said to remain, exclaimed against the intolerance of the Roman Catholic Church in defining the question.6 For a full and recent exposition of the Catholic teaching on Transubstantiation the reader may consult De ecclesiae sacra mentis, auctore Ludovico Billot, S.J.
  • Italy: "Lettres Romaines" in Annales de philosophie chretienne (Paris, January-March 1904), an Italian theologian's fearless defence of Loisy's main New Testament positions; Rev. P. Louis Billot S.J., De sacra traditione (Freiburg i.
  • GEORGES DARBOY (1813-1871), archbishop of Paris, was born at Fayl-Billot in Haut Marne on the 16th of January 1813.